The Definition and Nature of Rolfing


Rolfing or "movement education" as Rolfers, the  people who practice Rolfing, would like to address it  involves touching the skin, feeling around for certain imbalances in tissue texture, and separating fascial layers that adhere and muscles that have been pulled out of position by strain or injury. Rolfers believe that by being properly aligned, gravity enhances personal energy and leads to a healthy body and a positive emotional state. Rolfing, also called Rolf therapy or structural integration, is a holistic system of bodywork that uses deep manipulation of the body's soft tissue to realign and balance the body's myofascial structure and moreover improves posture, relieves chronic pain, and reduces stress. Many amateur and professional athletes, including Olympic skaters and skiers, use Rolfing to keep in top condition, to prevent injuries, and to more quickly recover from injuries.


Rolfing San Diego is used extensively to treat sports injuries and back pain, it is not designed as a therapy for any particular condition but rather, it is a systematic approach to overall wellness. The different benefits of Rolfing includes, improved posture, muscular and skeletal pain relief, enhanced athletic performance, coordination and flexibility, an alternative to surgery, avoidance to repetitive injuries, improved scoliosis, reduced headaches, fixing foot issues, and pre and post natal care.


As technology continues to rise and upgrade through time, where different cures and actions are taken into consideration in the light of facing an illness, it is still but undeniable that people, who have only slightly and even not benefited at all from the modern science, seek other alternative ways to deal with it, thus the becoming of Rolfing. Rolfing has not only benefited athletes, but also those who are suffering from mental stress, where gravity Rolfing helps them realign their mental and spiritual self, thus providing them with peace, harmony and even release the many stresses they have kept even in the years that passed. Rolfing was often considered painful in the early years, however the technique has evolved to become more gentle yet precise in the light of recent studies, research and development. Rolfing has developed new techniques that lessen the pain during each session, so mild and gentle that they can now reach out to the kids and perform Rolfing massage to them.